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Petroleum Engineering Universities in China

There are three petroleum engineering universities in China. They are China University of Petroleum, Beijing, China University of Geosciences and Daqing Petroleum Institute. The contact details are listed below.

China University of Petroleum, Beijing


China University of Petroleum, Beijing (CUPB), is located in a scenic region of tourist interests in Changping District, Beijing, about 5 miles to the Ming Tombs and 15 miles to the Great Wall. It offers not only engineering programs in oil and gas science including chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, geoscience and mechanical and electronic engineering, but also in computer science, business management and Chinese Language Study programs of a full range from diploma, bachelor’s and master’s to doctoral programs.

Faculty of Petroleum Engineering – China University of Petroleum

The Faculty was first established in 1953 and changed its name several times. It was called Petroleum Drilling and Production Department first, and then Petroleum Development , with programs in oil and gas drilling, production and industrial economy. With the establishment of University of Petroleum-Beijing Campus, the department was renamed as Petroleum Engineering Department, and its faculty members have grown from 20 to 60.

Now the faculty offers M. Eng. and Ph.D. programs in the three fields: Oil and gas drilling engineering, oil and gas development engineering and oil and gas storage and transportation engineering, and B.Eng. program in petroleum engineering and oil and gas storage and transportation.Since 1981, 24 Ph.D., 295 M.Eng. and 190 B. Eng. have graduated from the faculty.

Dean:Professor Xiangfang Li

Address: Faculty of Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum, 18 Fuxue Road, Changping, Beijing P.R. China, 102249

Telephone: 86-10-89733086

Facsimile: 86-10-89734150

Website: http://department1.cup.edu.cn/~waisb/faculype.htm

 China University of Geosciences

China University of Geosciences in Beijing traces its roots to Beijing College of Geology, founded in 1952 as a result of the merger of the geological departments from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University, and Tangshan Railway College. Early success led to its being named one of the nation’s 64 “key colleges and universities.” In 1975, the school was obliged to move to a new campus in Wuhan. In 1978, the graduate faculties relocated in Beijing under the support of Mr. Deng Xiaoping, the leader of the People’s Republic of China. In 1987, the Ministry of Education approved a plan for China University of Geosciences to develop two tertiary institutions in Beijing and Wuhan respectively, both of which have independent legal personalities. China University of Geosciences in Beijing is among the first group of China’s higher level universities designated for the state key construction of the “211” project and is one of the first 33 universities in China approved to set up graduate schools as well. In February 2000, China University of Geosciences in Beijing (heretofore “CUGB”), previously managed by the Ministry of Land and Resources, was put under the management of the Ministry of Education. In March 2005, CUGB and China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) became independent educational entities. Finally, in September 2006, CUGB was established as a joint responsibility of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Address: No. 388 Lumo Road,Wuhan, P.R. China 430074




Website http://en.cug.edu.cn/cug/index.asp

Daqing Petroleum Institute (Northeast Petroleum University)

The institute was founded in 1960, formerly called Northeast Petroleum Institute. In 1975, it was renamed Daqing Petroleum Institute. In October 1978, the institute was accredited by the State Council with being one of 88 national key universities and colleges. Since February 2000, the institute has been under the jurisdiction of both central and provincial governments, and has been mainly administered by Heilongjiang Province. In June 2000, the provincial government approved the relocation scheme from Anda to Daqing, which was completed in October 2002.

Address: High-tech Development Zone, Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, the development of road 199 Code: 163 318

Website http://www.dqpi.edu.cn


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