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Petroleum Engineering Universities in India

There are five petroleum engineering universities in India which are Academy of Maritime Education and Training University, Indian School of Mines University, Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University and Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering. The contact details are listed below.


Academy of Maritime Education and Training University

Petroleum & Offshore Engineering Department at AMET University was set up in the year 2008 and is headed by Dr. P.N.Ananthanarayanan, who has got thirty (30) years of experience in various facets of hydrocarbon exploration and developmental activities with Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) , India’s premier Public Sector agency. The department has got young, energetic, enthusiastic and qualified petroleum engineers as faculty members. At present 48 students in the Second year and 63 in the First year have enrolled. The departmental Laboratory is reasonably equipped with various instruments like Calorimeter, Bomb Calorimeter, Porositometer, Densitometer, Viscometer, Distillation apparatus, Centrifuge, Electronic Balance etc and necessary accessories and chemicals to analyze and determine various reservoir and oil gas properties. Other necessary instruments for imparting training in drilling, production and reservoir fields are being added to make the laboratory a full fledged one.

Technical books and journals are available in the University library and new and advanced titles are being regularly added. The Department is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a worldwide technical body of high repute in the field of Petroleum Engineering. All our students are Student Members and a Student Chapter of SPE is formed in the University

Address: 135, East Coast Road,

Kanathur Chennai Tamil nadu 603112, India

Phone: 91 – 44 – 27472155 / 27472904 / 27472905 / 27472157/ 3201 5530

Fax: 91 – 44 – 27472804

Email: amet@vsnl.com

Website: www.ametuniv.ac.in


Indian School of Mines University

The Department of Petroleum Engineering aims to provide advanced teaching and research facilities to the students to enable them to create and apply innovative technologies in drilling, production and reservoir engineering as well as efficiently utilize their knowledge and skills to find solutions of any problems related to petroleum industry.

The Department of Petroleum Engineering at Indian School of Mines was established in the year 1957 to make its mark in the Oil and Gas Industries in the country. Subsequent developments, under the able guidance of a series of distinguished educators, renowned personalities from oil and gas industries and scientists, have led the department to the forefront of research and teaching in petroleum engineering. Since commencement, the Dept. has produced more than 1200 undergraduate (B.Tech) students and about 275 post graduate students which includes both M.Tech and Ph.D. The department has made its mark in the oil and gas industries in the country and presently the ex-students are occupying very senior position in different government, public sector undertakings and private organization.

Many of them are at present Director, President and Vice President of different organizations. The department has also established rapport with the institutes and universities in India and abroad. It has established such collaborative program with universities like University of Kansas, USA, University of Alaska Fair Banks, USA, Imperial College of Science & technology, London, Heriott-Watt University, U.K., University of Miskolc, Hungary etc.

Address: Dept of Petroleum Engineering

Dhanbad 826004 Jharkhand, India

Phone: +91-326-2235280/2296632

Fax: +91-326-2296632/2296563

Email: akhilendra_pathak@yahoo.co.in

Website: http://www.ismdhanbad.ac.in/depart/petro/index.htm


Maharashtra Institute of Technology

Address: Petroleum Engineering Dept.

S. No. 124 Paud Road , Pune 411 038 India

Contact Maharashtra Institute of Technology :

Phone: 0091 20 543 2767

Email: lkkshirsagar@mitpune.com

Website: www.mitpune.com


Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

India currently produces about 200 Petroleum Engineering Graduates annually and an insignificant number of Postgraduates. This number is inadequate and needs to be enhanced substantially at the Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral levels to promote Exploration and Production, Research and Development and related activities in the Oil & Gas sector. Based on these strong needs, Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC) through its Society, Gujarat Energy Research and Management

Institute (GERMI) has set up Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) at Gandhinagar.

A Research-led teaching university, PDPU intends to produce high quality petroleum managers, scientists, engineers, technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. Focus areas of the University are exploration to delivery of oil & gas resources, as well as other known and unknown resources, both on-shore and off-shore.

The academic emphasis of the University is on the use of sound fundamentals in science, technology and management, as well as economic and environmental considerations, to address a variety of technological, economic, managerial and knowledge-based innovative issues, thereby comprehensively enhancing the quality of life.

The University currently offers PG Diploma in Petroleum Management, 4 Year B.Tech, Masters and Doctoral level programmes in Petroleum Engineering. PDPU primarily desires to be known as the ‘Energy University’ creating highly skilled graduates to work towards India’s Energy Independence and security. In the next few years it intends to acquire international eminence with a prominent place among the top ten universities of the world.


Address: School of Petroleum Technology

Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University

Raisan, District : Gandhinagar – 382 007, Gujarat

Phone: +91 79 23275060

Fax: +91 79 23275030

Email: ugadmission@pdpu.ac.in

Website: http://www.spt.pdpu.ac.in/


Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering

The department of petroleum engineering, under the headship of Dr.B.Nedumaran has student strength of 180. It also enjoys the presence of knowledge-rich faculty of 12 members (3 – Ph.D., 8 – PG & 1 – UG), specialized in Chemical engineering, Geosciences, Petroleum Refining and Petrochemicals, Energy Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering and Management, which is inevitable for educating the students with a subject as multi-disciplinary as petroleum engineering. The expertise of the teaching staff and the adequate staff-student ratio has always been a proven strength to the department’s growth and excellence. Experts from oil companies are regularly consulted at all stages of curriculum design and some of their executives participate as guest lecturers.


B. Tech (Petroleum Engineering) program curriculum covers both upstream and downstream activities of all disciplines within the field of Petroleum Engineering in the theory and laboratory classes in depth. The courses covered include petroleum geology, geophysics, drilling, formation evaluation, reservoir characterization, well completion and stimulation, well testing, crude processing, production operations and artificial lift, reservoir engineering, supplemental recover, economic evaluation of petroleum projects, fundamental fluid and rock behavior, natural gas engineering, petroleum refining and petrochemicals, transportation of petroleum, environment and safety aspects. The field visits, field training and project work would complete the preparations of the students for a career in the oil industry.

Address: Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering

Nemili Sriperumbudur – 602 105 Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: + 91 – 44 – 4269 3949, 2619 1927 and 89396 21969

Email: thegres@vsnl.net, admissionsrgce@gmail.com

Website: www.rgcesri.org



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