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Petroleum Engineering Universities in Norway

There are two petroleum engineering schools in Norway. They are Norwegian University of Science & Technology and Stavanger College. The contact details are listed below.

Norwegian University of Science & Technology

The petroleum environment in Norway is recognized as one of the best in the world. The petroleum industry is currently experiencing rapid progress, and continually meets large and interesting challenges. The wells are deeper and with more and longer horizontal wells than ever before. Reservoir engineers continually improve tools to be able to predict the production of an oil field. Often, when a field is ”empty”, more than 40-50% of the oil is still in the ground. For this reason it is important to develop methods that can increase the recovery factor. On the Norwegian continental shelf, oil production is moving into ever deeper waters. The deeper the water, the higher requirements for the technical solutions that brings the oil up from the deep. Petroleum production at water depths exceeding 1000 metres poses great challenges regarding underwater and platform solutions.

Address: S.P. Andersensvei 15A

Tondheim N7491


Phone: 47.73.594959

Fax: 47.73.944472

Email: skranke@ipt.ntnu.no

Website: www.ipt.ntnu.no/english

Stavanger College

Address: Rogaland U. Centre

Petroleum Engineering

P.O.box 8002, N-4068 Stavanger




Email: egil.m.huseboe@tn.his.no

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