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Petroleum Engineering University in Poland

There is one petroleum engineering school in Poland which is AGH University of Science and Technology. The contact detail is listed below.

AGH University of Science and Technology

General information about the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, AGH University of Science and Technology

The roots of the tradition of staff training in the field of engineering oil and gas engineering at the Faculty of Drilling, Oil and Gas, AGH derive from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University of Lvov where he formed a section of oil, and then from the Mining Academy in Cracow and the Department of Mining.


Shortly after its creation in 1919 (inaugurated on 10/20/1919) The academy was established in 1923 at the Faculty of Mining Operation Department of Drilling and Oil. Its director was prof. Saryusz Zygmunt Bielski (in the years 1931 to 1933 Rector of the Academy of Mining). In 1936 the Department was renamed the Department of Drilling and Oil.

After the liberation of Krakow in January 1945, resumed its activities Mining Academy, including the continued training of engineers for the oil industry under the Mining Department.

On 01.03. 1945, the Chair of the Oil Drilling and became professor. Stanislaw Paraszczak. In September 1946 the Department was then divided into Drilling Department, headed by Prof. remained. St. Paraszczak and the Department of Exploitation of Oil – whose director was prof. Jan particle.

After the death of prof. St. Paraszczaka in 1947 became head of the Department of Drilling prof. Jan particle. He was also the guardian of the Department of Petroleum Operations until 1951 in the same year appointed head of the Department prof. Zdzislaw Wolf and at his request in 1953, Operation Cathedral was transformed into the Department of Petroleum Oil and Gas Mining, consisting of two plants, namely the Department of Exploitation of Oil and Natural Gas Engineering Department.

On 01.01.1963, on the retired professor. Z. Wolf. Supervisor of the Department of Mines Oil prof. J. particle. On 01.05.1966, the Head of the Department is Assoc. dr. Kazimierz Liszka.

Beginning of the creation of an independent department was the creation of a separate branch of the Department of Mining Oil Drilling by JM Rector of AGH, prof. Kiejstut Żemaitisa based on the order of a minister of Higher Education 18.06.1964r. The organizer of the branch were elected. J. particle. The branch entered the Department of Drilling, Oil and Mines Department in 1966 created Department of Petroleum Geology, whose director was prof. Dr. Stanislaw Wdowiarz.

After the establishment in 1964, the Department of Oil Drilling continued efforts to create a separate department. This concept, supported by industry, mining, oil and gas, and the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Oil and Gas Industry, was also supported by the JM Rector of AGH, prof. K. Żemaitisa.

Faculty was finally brought to life by JM Rector Professor AGH. K. Żemaitisa on the basis of the order of the Minister of Education and Higher Education of 07/12/1967 was called the Faculty of Drilling, Oil. At the time of his appointment was the tenth in the order department at AGH. Faculty consisted of the Institute of Oil Drilling and the Department of Mathematics III. Altogether, in the years 1945-1967 at the Faculty of Mining 362 graduates received a master’s degree and a 160 engineer – an engineer’s diploma from the drilling or operation of oil and gas deposits.

On 11.10.1967 was held the first meeting of the Faculty of Drilling, Oil, on which the choice of Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty. Deans were elected. J. particle, and the deputy dean Assoc. dr. Charles Wojnar.

Director of the Institute of Oil Drilling prof. Dr. Stanislaw Wdowiarz, and his Deputy Asst. dr. Louis Szostak. Responsibilities of the head of Department of Mathematics, Dr. Antoni took Skwarczyński.

Address: Al Mickiewicza 30

30-059 Krakow


Website: www.wnig.agh.edu.pl

Phone: 48-12-617-22-02


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