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What is Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)?

Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) was founded in 1957. SPE is the international technical and professional association for engineers and the management of energy resources produced through the wellbore. SPE collects, distributes, and exchanges information on techniques and operations to nearly 49,500 members in 125 countries through a broad range of activities, including section meetings, publications, continuing education programs, and technical meetings and exhibitions.

Mission Statement: To provide the means for collection, dissemination, and exchange of technical information concerning the development of oil and gas resources, subsurface fluid flow, and production of other materials through wellbores for the public benefit; and to provide opportunities through its programs for interested (and qualified) individuals to maintain and upgrade their individual technical competence in the aforementioned areas for the public benefit.

 SPE website: www.spe.org

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